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Fees & Prescription Policies

Contact lens services, prescriptions, and fees are completely separate and not included with services or fees associated with a general eye exam.

Contact Lens Prescriptions
  • An examination to determine or renew a contact lens prescription is more complex, and requires more expertise and time than an examination to determine an eyeglass prescription.
A contact lens prescription is completed:
  • after a certain brand and design of contact lens with specific parameters has been worn
  • your eyes' physiological response to the lens and care system is evaluated after a few days or weeks and modifications are made if needed
  • the doctor is satisfied that the contact lens is performing as expected and is not likely to cause any vision or eye health problems.
  • Since contact lenses and solutions are in direct contact with delicate eye tissues there is the potential for irritation, abrasions, cellular changes, allergic reactions, inflammations, infections and vision loss.
  • Periodic examinations for prescription renewal are required to determine whether any complications are developing.
  • A contact lens prescription is usually valid for 12-18 months and/or up to an 18 month supply of contact lenses, but could be less if abuse, improper care or health problems are involved.

Contact Lens Fees are additional to any eye exam or co-payment fees.

Professional fees include:
  • Expertise, professional judgment, time & liability to determine your prescription
  • Any modifications/exchanges for 30 days
  • Follow-up visits for 30-180 days depending upon the service level and lens type
  • Training on lens care and handling if needed
  • 30 day success guarantee
  • Emergency trials or loaners if available
  • 30% discount on glasses or sunglasses
  • Contact lens purchases are additional and are further discounted when purchased with contact lens services.
  • If you wish to obtain contact lens replacements elsewhere, you may pay our professional fees and we will provide you with a written contact lens prescription to be filled anywhere
  • Or you may take your eyeglass prescription to another provider, pay their contact lens prescription fees, and they will determine your new contact lens prescription.
  • We are available to treat eye infections and other problems as needed on a per visit basis.

In Our Office:
  • We provide 30 day guarantees and hassle free exchanges for prescription changes – no shipping charges sending lenses back.
  • Defective lenses are replaced FREE of charge within 30 days at our office – will you get that from mail-order?
  • We provide FREE Priority Mail Delivery to your home or office through manufacturer's drop-ship programs.
  • We usually have diagnostic lenses in stock for immediate dispensing -no waiting or shipping charges.
  • Replacement lens price includes 30 days of emergency contact lens care.
  • You get 30% off your glasses when you also purchase contact lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my contact lens prescription?
You may receive a written copy of your prescription when the prescription determination is complete. If you are simply renewing your prescription, this will most likely be completed at the end of the general eye examination. If a new lens type is being prescribed and evaluated, it may be several weeks or even months after a number of diagnostic lenses and evaluations before the final prescription is determined.

I've already been wearing contact lenses. Why do I have to pay professional fees again?
The knowledge, expertise, doctor and staff time required to evaluate and determine your contact lens prescription at each exam are different and greater than that required to determine your eyeglass prescription. The fees are therefore separate and greater for contact lens wearers but less than if you were undergoing a completely new evaluation and prescription for a different type of contact lens.

The doctor didn't seem to do much extra. Why am I being charged additional fees for a contact lens prescription?
Doctors and other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, consultants, etc. derive income from their professional services - knowledge, expertise and time. The fees and value are often based on 90% “knowing” and 10% “doing”. There is more involved with contact lenses than eyeglasses.

What if I just want a general eye exam today and want a contact lens prescription later?
That's fine. Your contact lens prescription will not be determined or provided today. An additional visit and fees will be required at a later date to determine your current prescription.

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