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~ Recommended Eye Exam Frequency ~
Patients with no additional risks or symptoms should have an eye exam at the recommended intervals. Patients with risk factors may need more frequent examinations.

Recommended exam intervals for patients with no other risk factors.
0-24 months  -  Between 6-12 months of age (go to
2-5 years  -  At 3-4 years of age
6-18 years  -  Before 1st grade then annually
18-50 years  -  Every 1-2 years
51 and older  -  Annually
Examinations may need to be more frequent if there are risk factors such as a family history of eye disease or sytemic diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, which can affect the eyes. People at risk for changes in refractive error, people wearing contact lenses, working in visually demanding or high risk occupations, taking prescription medications with possible ocular side effects, or experiencing other health concerns or conditions may need more frequent eye care.

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