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Optometrists are the primary eye and vision care doctors. Over 70% of primary eye/vision exams in the U.S. are performed by optometrists. If you have any type of eye or vision problem, usually the best doctor to see first is your optometrist.

Optometry is an independent primary healthcare profession specializing in the art and science of vision/eye care. Members of this profession receive a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree. They're called Doctors of Optometry, Optometrists, or Optometric Physicians, depending upon individual state laws. Optometrists are the only professionals with a doctorate degree in eye/vision care.

To obtain a doctorate degree, an optometrist undergoes education and training similar to medical doctors, dentists, and podiatrists. Optometrists graduate from a four-year college. They complete four more years of specialized education in a fully accredited school or college of optometry. The first two years of optometry school are similar to the first two years of medical, dental, or podiatry school, emphasizing human physiology, histology, anatomy, pathology, visual science, and biochemistry. The last two years emphasize clinical medicine, ocular disease, pharmacology, vision, and patient care.

Optometrists are specifically educated and clinically trained to examine patients, diagnose and treat the vast majority of vision disorders, eye diseases and injuries, as well as the effects of systemic diseases that occur in the eye. This is primary eyecare. Often the optometrist will treat the condition with eyeglasses, topical or systemic medication, contact lenses, minor surgical procedures, vision therapy, or subnormal vision devices.

Doctors of Optometry must pass national and state board licensing examinations. Some optometrists elect to complete one or two years of advanced residency training in eye disease, subnormal vision, visual perception, contact lenses, or other subspecialties. An optometrist's education never ends. Optometrists must complete annual continuing education courses to maintain licensure. They continually stay informed about the latest advances in eye care in order to better serve their patients.

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