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~ Medical Eye Services ~
Complete Eye Health and Vision Examinations

A series of interrelated diagnostic tests are performed, analyzed and compared. These tests may be categorized into three main areas: 1. Refractive error 2. Ocular health and ocular manifestations of systemic disease 3. Binocular vision, accommodation, perception.

1. The Refractive error component is a determination of how your eyes are focused for vision at a distance. This basically tells us how well your eyes perform as cameras which focus your world and transmit information to your brain for interpretation. Your refractive error may also affect how you see at near for reading and other close tasks. Glasses, contact lenses, or laser vision correction may be offered to correct improperly focused eyes.
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2. The Ocular health and ocular manifestations of systemic disease component is a determination of a.) the presence of or tendency for eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal holes or tears, infections, contact lens induced problems, corneal or retinal degenerations, etc.; b.) signs of general health conditions that might affect the eyes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid conditions, tumors, other cardiovascular or neurological disorders, etc.; c.) possible ocular side effects of ocular or systemic medications.

3. The Binocular vision, Accommodation, Perception component is a determination of how your eyes work together, change focus, and perceive images. Each eye focuses an image on the retina and the brain combines information from both images to interpret the world. The crystalline lens inside the eye automatically changes shape to focus objects located at different distances. If there are conditions that interfere with both eyes pointing in precisely the same direction, with both eyes changing focus accurately or at corresponding distances, or with processing visual information, then visual loss, eyestrain, learning difficulties, avoidance behaviors, poor depth perception, refractive errors, or other
  undesirable adaptations can develop. Some of these conditions need to be diagnosed and treated early to prevent permanent problems.

Results of the examinations in each of these three general areas are compared for consistency. For example, a problem with refractive error in one eye may result in problems with eye coordination or focusing. Eye health problems such as cataract or systemic conditions such as diabetes may result in changes in refractive error. As your primary eye care doctors, we diagnose and treat most of the problems that might be found, order or schedule other tests as indicated either in our office or elsewhere, and coordinate your care with other specialists, if needed, in much the same way as your family medical doctor takes care of most of your general medical needs. If you ever experience any visual symptoms or eye discomfort you should always call us first. We have the proper sophisticated instruments and expertise to properly diagnose and treat most problems and we know the best sub-specialists should you need additional tests or surgery.

Your first complete eye health and vision examination at New England Eyecare includes dilation of your pupils and digital retinal photography and will take 60-90 minutes.

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