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Guaranteed Contact Lens Success or Your Money Back

Contact lenses are medical/optical devices that are prescribed specifically for you. Because they come into direct contact with your eyes, they are inherently more complicated and there are greater risks than with wearing glasses. There is also more testing and follow-up needed to ensure the maintenance of safe and successful contact lens wear. Fitting, prescribing, and managing contact lenses for you places joint responsibility on both of us. Therefore, it is our desire for you to understand what our contact lens services include and your responsibilities.

For most patients the first lenses prescribed are successful. However, a small percentage of patients require changes after re-evaluation. We will prescribe up to 3 different lenses per eye within the 3 months following initial dispensing in order to achieve successful wear. After 3 lenses or 3 months you will be advised of additional fees if you wish to continue the fitting process. Lenses purchased with fitting services are fully warranted for any reason, (except loss), for 30 days from the date of dispensing. Any lenses that are not satisfactory and are to be exchanged must be returned within 30 days of dispensing or additional fees will be charged. If lenses are lost at any time, for any reason, there will be a charge for replacement.

If you are unable to adapt to or are not satisfied with your contact lenses and do not wish to continue with the fitting process, we offer the following refund schedule upon return of the lenses and provided you have returned for all follow-up visits as recommended/scheduled:

within 30 days of initial dispensing: full refund of contact lens fees
from 31-60 days of initial dispensing: 1/2 refund of contact lens fees
from 61-90 days of initial dispensing: 1/3 refund of contact lens fees
over 90 days from initial dispensing: no refund

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