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Seven Reasons Why We're the Smart Choice for Contact Lenses

Your contact lens care is from an optometrist. In Connecticut contact lenses can be obtained from optometrists, ophthalmologists, and some licensed opticians. There are, of course, individuals with varying degrees of experience, but as a group, optometrists are by far the best educated and trained professionals for contact lens care.

We prescribe what's best for you. We have all types of contact lenses available - daily, weekly, or monthly disposables, toric lenses for astigmatism, all types of tinted and theatrical lenses, bifocals, rigid gas permeable, lenses to stop or reverse myopia, and lenses for unusual conditions such as keratoconus and post-surgical corneal transplants. After examining your eyes and discussing your options, we will fit and prescribe the type of lens that provides you with the best vision and comfort and best fits your lifestyle and budget - not what some corporation wants to sell this month. Your eyes come first!

30 day satisfaction guarantee If you are not satisfied with your new contact lenses for any reason within 30 days, we are available to discuss, diagnose, and fix the problem, and if desired, refit you to a different type or refund your fees. We want you to love your contacts!

We're ethical and local. You've undoubtedly seen and heard ads for mail order and internet based contact lens replacements. Despite recent federal laws requiring prescription verification, some of these companies are still supplying contact lenses without a prescription. Some have been known to alter expiration dates and substitute different lenses than those ordered. When you purchase contact lenses through our offices, you are obtaining them legally and supporting a local business and its people who follow the laws and regulations and have your best vision and health interests at heart.

Convenience. We have many lenses in stock so that you can often obtain lenses the same day of fitting or in emergencies. Most replacement lenses can be directly shipped to your home or office at no charge or for a small shipping fee, depending upon the type and quantity ordered.

Competitive pricing. Most of our replacement contacts are similar to internet prices. We often have specials and rebates not available online. If you should find a better price for the same replacement contacts elsewhere in Connecticut or from the largest mail order company, just provide us the advertisement, a written price quote, or the location so that we can verify it, and we will match it or beat it.

Contact lens/eyeglass discounts. We offer 30% off your contact lenses with the purchase of eyeglasses, or 30% off your eyeglasses if you have purchased contact lenses within 60 days. Even if you only wear contact lenses, you should always have an updated backup pair of glasses for those times when your eyes are irritated and need a break or if you should get an eye infection and need to be without contacts for a week or more. With the modern smaller frames and new thinner lens materials, even extremely high prescriptions can now look great in glasses!

Our optometrists and technicians are here to ensure you achieve the best vision possible at the best price. We are available to explain any aspect of the convenience, technology, or fashion of contact lenses.

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